Prevailing Wage Announcements – new rules

We received the following announcement from the Department of Labor & Industries concerning changes to how contractors performing public work must file Intents and Affidavits.  Rather than summarize, please see the announcement below.


This email is to inform you about an update that will occur to the Labor & Industries (L&I) Prevailing Wage Intents and Affidavits online filing system the evening of January 21, 2010.  This update will make the fields “Agency Contact Name” and “Agency Contact Phone” mandatory fields when completing the Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages and the Affidavit of Wages of Paid forms.


During the implementation phase of this change, there will be a transitional period of time when this new information may not be available online.  This is because some prime contractors and upper-tier contractors may have filed their Intent/Affidavit prior to the change and when they completed the form, they did not insert the agency information which is now required. In such circumstances the filing contractor will need to contact their upper-tier subcontractor or the prime contractor to obtain the necessary information in order to complete the form accurately.


Additionally, when submitting a form that references employees and/or apprentices, you must complete the “Industrial Insurance Acct ID” field prior to submitting the form.  There are rare instances when an employer will have made arrangements with L&I covering their employees without having an Industrial Insurance account directly with L&I, e.g., a reciprocity agreement between L&I and an out-of-state employer.  If this is the case, you must include “See Notes” in the “Industrial Insurance Acct ID” field and then include the pertinent information in the “Notes” section.  For instructions on how to use the “Notes” field, please follow the attached link or cut and paste the link into your browser (it should be one line with no spaces starting with “http” and ending with “.pdf”):


Please be aware that all of the requirements listed above will also be implemented for paper forms on the same date.


If you have any questions concerning this change please email

This summary is not intended to be legal advice. You should consult an attorney in regard to your particular situation.