Your first meeting with your attorney can be efficient, productive, and set the tone for your entire relationship.  Whether it is a construction contract that you would like to have an analysis of, or defense of a lawsuit, or a claim that you intend to present against another party, there are basic tactics that always work to maximize your time and effort. 

I.  GATHER DOCUMENTS.  All documents.  Irrelevant documents.  Documents that are uncomfortable, unfavorable, and even draft documents.  Unsigned documents.  Undated documents.  Photographs.  Videotapes.  Emails.

II.  ORGANIZE – Group your documents by category.  (1) Emails; (2) photographs; (3) brochures, marketing, web pages; (4) correspondence; (5) contracts, drafts, and addenda / change orders.

III.  DEVELOP A CHRONOLOGY:  This means, what happened on what date, supported by specific documents (when possible).

These steps are the key to organization and efficiency.  If done prior to your meeting, your attorney can review the documents, hear your story, answer your questions, and plan your strategy.


Good luck!