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Saphronia Young

SaphroniaSaphronia Young

I have been litigating since earning my J.D. from the University of Missouri School of Law at Kansas City in 1992, where I was a technical editor of the law review.  I earned the Am.Jur. award in my third year of law school. I gained general civil litigation experience in four different jurisdictions; Missouri, Kansas, Alaska, and Washington.  I also practiced pro hac vice for two years in New Jersey, focusing on lien litigation.  My overall practice has centered around construction, real estate, fidelity and surety bonds, business litigation, and employment law.

Our primary office location is:

Regeimbal, McDonald & Young, PLLC
612 S. 227th St.
Des Moines, WA 98198
Local: 206-212-0220
Seattle: 206-408-2020
Fax: 206-408-2022
www.rm-law.com and www.desmoineselderlaw.com

We focus on estate planning, elder law, probate and guardianship areas. We have significant experience with contract negotiation, mediation, arbitration, bench and jury trials, board hearings, and appeals, at both the state and federal levels.  We represent clients from every spectrum and perspective, including elderly persons, their families, their professional guardians, and the businesses that serve the elderly (such as adult family homes, nursing homes, and professional providers).

We also represent employers and employees, real estate buyers and sellers, bond claimants and sureties, owners and general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, claimants and insurance carriers, architects, and engineers.

My experience in multi-party, complex litigation has given me the capability to manage all phases of contract transactional work and litigation, including familiarity with federal government bid, bond, TINA and other contracting regulations.   I began my own firm in 2005, and currently provide services to clients drafting and reviewing contracts, Wills, employee policy manuals, drafting and negotiating construction change orders, and managing construction defect, probate, and business litigation, providing basic real estate documents, and business buy-sell agreements. I have also represented clients in the administrative arena, including Adult Family Homes and nurses, teachers, and civil servants who work for the federal, state, or local governments.

My personal training as a mediator fosters my philosophy of favoring settlement, when possible.  My experience with the costs and time burdens of litigation upon clients also promotes settlement, but with the realistic assessment that clients must ultimately decide for themselves the best approach to take with the case. Sometimes negotiation and settlement simply are not possible.

Licenses:  Licensed in Missouri (1993); Kansas (1993); Alaska (1997); Federal Court of Claims (1998); and Washington (2001). I no longer actively practice in any jurisdiction except Washington state, but I am willing to work with clients for “pro hac vice” status in other jurisdictions.

Certifications:  Certified Mediator with the King County InterLocal conflict resolution program (2009);  Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service training (40 hours) September, 2005; American Arbitration Association mediator training for construction (40 hours) completed May, 2005.

Published opinions:  Bale v. Fletcher, Washington Court of Appeals, Division I, 2013 (representing Fletchers at trial–real estate litigation); Rouhfar v. Brawley, Washington Court of Appeals, Division I  (representing Brawley at trial – wage claim litigation);  Washington Dept. of Labor & Industries v. D.W. Close and Burke Electric, and REBOUND, A Building Trades Organization (Intervenor–prevailing wage litigation) Washington Court of Appeals, Division I (representing REBOUND); DKS Construction Management v. Real Estate Improvement Co., Washington Court of Appeals, Division III (representing Real Estate Improvement Co., LLC at trial and on appeal–construction lien litigation); Jones v. King and State Farm Insurance, Missouri Court of Appeals, (Western District, 1998) (representing State Farm Insurance Company at trial and on appeal–probate bond litigation).

I am married to a music teacher and choir director. We live with our three children and two dogs, and two cats in Federal Way, Washington. I attend the Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church in Des Moines, WA. I enjoy reading, travel, swimming, and this beautiful state. As my undergraduate degree was in geology, I still occasionally go rock hunting.

*Washington State does not recognize the certification of specialties in the practice of law. Any certificates, awards, or recognitions referenced on this site are not required in order to practice law in the State of Washington.